“I wandered in the pursuit of my own self;
I was the traveller, and I am the destination.”


-Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

Light Up Your Heart!

Meditation Tactics

Strategies for Beginners & Long-Time Practioners

Nuanced Support

Avoid meditation resistance | Feel your heart sing again!

Spiritual Development

Progressively discover the soul’s deepest longings: Love, Harmony, and Beauty

Ancient Principles applied to Modern Energy Healing

Circulation | Source Consciousness Reset | Pulsed Electromagnetic Feild Regeneration | Heart and Breath-Magnetism

Energy Healing

The “Work of the Heart” tailored to the Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Refine Your Energy Healing Practice with energy-building meditation practices.



Strengthen your heart magnetism and capacity through breath-development


Practice and gain confidence in your ability to hold another through struggle


Increase the healing potency of your own atmosphere


Learn to heal authentically without encroaching on your client's self-discovery process


“Raise Your Vibration” but also slow your vibration.... by deepening your heart


Enfold your client's heart into your own - respectfully and safely


Connect with Sacredness hidden in everyday interaction

Illumination path

Your Heart is the Shrine of Unity.

Your Heart is an Instance of the Divine. Exstacy is Your Birthright. Surrender and Exaltation are the peaks and the troughs of the rising and falling tides of life. Become a rock in the wariness of life!  

Learn Mysticism – Step by Step – Understand the terrain and the obstacles.


Assess where on the spiritual path you’ve been and what lies ahead.

“Sandbox” Learning allows you to tailor your practice to your specific desires and needs

Energy Healing and Meditation Mentorship is a click away.

Premium Meditation Instruction
Energy Healing Consultation
Meditation Mentorship

Advanced techniques tailored to any level of experience.

Establish habits that push your meditation “edge” without overwhelming.

Implement structure so that your experimentation has grounding and intention.

Widen your emotional capacity and comfort in handling trauma and wounding.

Access a database of meditations designed for a variety of applications.

Develop a relationship to mystery. Find comfort in uncertainty.

Breath-clarity and mastery is a crucial to success in any endeavor.  Study this work and apply it to your goals – even if they be outside of the healing arts.

Intuition Development Through Heart Development

  • Your mind can serve your heart: playfully experiment with this. 
  • Concentration on your heart establishes an increaded bandwidth in intuition – learn how to do it reliably and your heart will never fail you.  
  • Distinguish between “mind-reading,” channeling, psychic phenomena, and your heart’s guidance.
  • Generate the state of consciousness and conditions for synchronicity to emerge more frequently!
  • Strengthen your heart’s resolve and sensitivity for success at work, in partnership, and other domains of your life.


"Breath Technique & Posture"

…The axis upon which all the other courses pivot! Build health and mindset benefiting habits to breathe well, regulate your nervous system, and radiate from your your heart. 

"Sacred Subtle Energies"

…Modulate the great world of energy and consciousness by deliberately working with specific subtle energies inside you.

"Quantum Heart Development"

Learn to influence bio-energy in 4 dimensions.  Up and Down, Left to Right, Back to Front, and Within.  There is a special magic within this kind of work. 

Energizing the Chakras

A “grand tour” of your own chakra system!  Access more of each chakra’s unique emotional qualities and intelligences.

Directing the Breath | Foundations for Advanced Energy Healing

Grow your healing capacity with meditation practices designed to upgrade your wellness practice and restore from compassion fatigue and burnout.

Specialty Pricing and Support for Lightworkers, Reiki Practitioners, Polarity Therapists, Massage Professionals, and Professionals in the Healing Arts.

Step by Step - Understand the terrain and the obstacles

Learn Mysticism


Assess where on the spiritual path you’ve been and what lies ahead.
“Sandbox” Learning allows you to tailor your practice to your specific desires and needs


Consultation, Personal Feedback, and Mentorship is a click away.

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Breathe Well Now Course

Apply for Meditation Mentorship – 30 minute consultation

Happy Clients

“I had a series of Hurqalya Healings from Chaitanya and I have to say he is a real deal healer. It is hard to explain how Hurqalya works but the issues I came in with were either gone or I had a new understanding of them, thus making it easier to live with. Chaitanya has an ability to sense and respond to energies that are beyond my seeing. If you have any chronic problems, I highly recommend Chaitanya and his Hurqalya Healing sessions!
Molly M.

Leadership Development Coach

​It’s not common for me to be at ease with a healer in the first session, but such was my experience with Chaitanya. It did not take long for me to feel a sense of trust and safety with him. Hurqalya Healing is new to me but the essence of it is not. Recognizing this, I was able to stop resistance and receive the amazing gift that his work offers. I appreciate his presence and awareness of where energy was flowing within my fields ”

Kayt G.

Professional Psychic and Consultant

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