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Beginning Heart Rhythm Meditation 



Heart Rhythm Meditation connects you with your spiritual heart – this is the defining feature of this beautiful technique. Implementation of this dynamic method of meditation brings your Heart more and more into its expression through you – like light filling the waxing moon.

Your daily life becomes increasingly filled with Love and Light because your Heart’s intelligence is connected deeply with both by way of The Breath – Your Breath. With practice you begin to weave a life of healing, sacredness, power, and beauty. When the calling to go into your heart becomes too loud to ignore, let us guide you in experiencing the radiance of your heart’s light. One day, it will be yours to teach others.

The commitment to the path of the heart, the Path to Illumination, will be tested more than you can ever imagine! Throughout this rewarding experience, we offer you consistent resources, techniques, and maybe mentorship to guide and walk alongside you, throughout your entire journey. We hope you find great friends while working with this material.

At some point, a leap of faith will be required. Faith in a method, in a reliable process that will open your heart, and broaden your emerging awareness of the spiritual dimension of life – (no matter your current beliefs).  Wherever you’ve been in your spiritual journey, “beginning again” brings many feelings.  Hopefully, you’ll find this work overlays with many traditions.

START HERE – 7 Days of Breath Development.

We are confident that this content is a worthwhile set of teachings to explore. The resources offered here are a treasure trove of practices, content, information, lifestyle considerations, and philosophical views. Instant enlightenment is not our promise. An increase in faith, in energy, and in a direct connection to the mystical dimension of life is. The goal is to make heart energy and meditation work IN your life and FOR your life.

Meditation as a HABIT opens the “eyes” and tunes the ears of the spiritual heart.

So often, folks fall away from the meditation habit. Our attention can be quickly drawn into hyperstimulation, into work, into distraction, into becoming someone or something – all driven by unconscious forces on the edge of our current control. Resistance to daily meditation practice is a hydra that takes many forms. This method will give you a lance and a sword as you become a hero on the Path of the Heart.

Get meditating right away!

Meditation as a HABIT opens the “eyes” and tunes the ears of the spiritual heart.

The commitment, at first, will be 10-20 minutes per-day. Later, further invitations to practice for longer periods are offered.

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We strongly believe in helping many communities and cultures through Heart Rhythm Meditation. If you are a medical practitioner or have an established meditation organization, we offer an abundance of tools and special pricing for meditation mentorship for healing professionals. IlluminationPath, Inc. is dedicated to supporting those who take up this work for the benefit of the whole. We strive to make our services accessible to individuals like many of you who frequently sacrifice so much to bring forth a culture of the heart in a time when these sacred offerings are structurally devalued.

A lance of stern faith in my hand,
And the sword of firm conviction buckled on,
With the knapsack of sincerity
And the shield of earnestness,
I advanced on the path of love.
-Hazrat Inayat Khan

Breathe for yourself, breathe for others – explore the difference.




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