To learn the lesson of how to live is more important than any psychic or occult learning.  – Hazrat Inayat Khan

A mentor believes in you!

Everyone desires consideration, acknowledgment, and reflection. There is a deep wish within us all to be known deeply – to be seen – and to be known and seen across time. A mentor is someone who believes in you even when presenting imperfections in your life. They hear your concerns on a profound level and orient your awareness to the greatness demonstrated within you currently and also the greatness emerging. A mentor worth their salt holds the vision of the emerging energy with specificity, insight, and respect. No matter how much you attempt to convince them you are unworthy or weak, they will not feeds those voices and seeds anymore. They will nurture other seeds of potential within you.

At IlluminationPath, we listen to you carefully while helping you navigate spiritual practices that infuse new inspiration into your passions, career trajectory, energy imbalances, relationship heartaches, life events. Ideas, failures and successes.

A mentor:

  • Encourages growth
  • Provides meditation accountability
  • Reflects and encourages
  • Is available in times of crisis
  • Supports your heart’s growth by connecting your heart to theirs through the All-pervading Life in Space.
  • provides trusted counsel in life decisions, but mainly prescribes meditation practices to help you progress.

Price: $120 per month.

What Mentoring IS and what Mentoring IS NOT:

Mentoring is a sacred artform. Asking for Meditation Mentorship is asking for a deepening of a relationship both with yourself and another seeker – someone still in development who has been formally on the path a while.

The relationship, like any relationship, builds in trust overtime. The principles of Trust, Guidance, Honor, and Devotion will reveal their treasures as your meditations deepen and your spirit is lifted by your own dedication to this process.

To take on a meditation mentor will likely test your faith. In the end, it will strengthen it.

As a meditation mentor, I am committed to helping you stabilize your nervous system and accomplish your medium and long-term goals using energy practices and meditation techniques as the cornerstones of your personal development. Life decisions will be yours to make, and advice you might see from a Life Coach will not be provided.

We meet once a month only. We take an inventory of your life in that month – whatever you think is relevant – whatever you deem important. I offer a meditation “remedy” for the dilemmas and successes you express to help you continue on the Path of the Heart – the Path to Illumination. Clear instruction is provided to you in this time – instruction that will be within the scope of your ability, but tailored to your current circumstances and your station on the path. Your internal awareness across multiple abilities: Concentration, Invocation, Inspiration, and Sensation (to name a few) will evolve and grow. We adjust to challenges that arise, whether they be life challenges or challenges in performing the practices themselves.

Together, warmth of heart, someone to listen and reflect, and the supportive accountability in meditation I offer to you will not be enough to sustain your long-term participation in this.

The deeper value will be yours to discover.

Is this “Life Coaching?” No. Is this therapy? No. This is training in Attunement. 1st, Attunement to a technique and a method. Eventually, attunement to the signals in your body, to intuition, and to the depth of your heart. Later, the world of energy and consciousness and Healing will open your heart further than it is used to. This is where our bond will prove itself. The frequency signatures of Peace, Happiness, Power, and Insight become tangible, familiar, even wieldable. In the end, attunement to The Teacher emerges. There are many layers.
The commitment minimum is 1 year, but I will not bind you contractually. It is a commitment bound by one’s word of honor. My commitment to you is that I will never give up on you as a mentee under one condition: that you do your practices. You are free to discontinue mentorship at any time.

Price: $120 per month.
$1200 if paid annually ($240 savings)
60 Minutes per month. That time is enough.

Applicants are requested to listen to audio course before applying.