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Whether you face a particular ailment or a systemic one, the goal is to support you toward a new vision of well-being… one with your heart at the center!

Hurqalya™: Bioenergetic Spiritual Healing

Physical Symptoms

Addressed at the level of energy.

Emotional Resiliency.

End a session feeling refreshed, focused, resilient, and rejuvenated. Observe fundamental changes that last.

Spiritual Connectivity.

Signals and communication between the heart, mind, and body can be clarified. Experience profound dimensions of Healing.

Do you battle chronic pain from an old wound or injury?


Feel anxiety-butterflies in your belly or chest?


Feel grief or loss of a situation, important person, or relationship?


Therapy brought you forward, but hasn’t resolved challenging feelings underneath the surface?


Feel alienated from friends and family who were once close?


Feel fatigued and low on energy?


Need support in your journey through physical therapy?


Hoping to integrate the hurts of the past so that you can move into the specifics of your purpose?

If you’re feeling any of the above, you may benefit from this ancient, yet cutting-edge method Hurqalya™.

How does Hurqalya™ work?

Hurqalya™ is an advanced modality of energy healing.  It has a large toolset of safe interventions that can benefit you in a number of ways.  It harnesses the electromagnetic and spiritual energy of your heart and nervous system to “jump start” your body’s rejuvenation capabilities.  Your body knows how to heal itself.  Allow breath-energy and heart-magnetism to realign your internal resources so that you can perform at your best.

Careful, nuanced modulation of your energetic field has the capacity to dissipate mental, emotional, and even physical tension. By “syncing up” your heart center to the other energy centers within your body, we redirect energy away from spots of excess toward areas without energetic circulation. We use techniques that  filter, wash, ignite, or disperse energy around a specifically affected area.  We apply similar techniques for more global constrictions that manifest themselves in people as conditions such as anxiety, disassociation, heart-ache, or depression (to name a few).

Hurqalya™ is powerful, valuable, and we want you to have a great experience.

Why should I trust the claims being made here?

Safety and Authenticity are our highest priorities, therefore we offer a 100% 1st Session Satisfaction Guarantee for your 1st session as an assurance of the benefits of this healing work.

100% 1st Session Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your session to be worth your time and resources. If you’re not 100% satisfied during your initial experience with our certified Hurqalya™ Energy Healer, for any reason, a refund will be applied to your method of payment within 2-3 business days.

What does a session entail?

Welcome / Expectations
Energetic Flow Assessement – We’ll Assess Your Energy Through Contemplation
Intention for Healing Mutually Dtermined
Option 1: Receive Energy
Option 2: Dialectical Approach
Debrief. Discuss.

Behind the method | A General Overview
Hurqalya™: Heart Source Energy Healing:

Hurqalya™ is a holistic modality that powerfully reignites, recalibrates, and restores your energetic layers.

Hurqalya™ Heart Source Energy Healing – An Overview:

Ground Level: 

 “Steady State Nervous System Preparation”

In order for your body to enter a state of healing and restoration, your nervous system must go through a series of deactivation cycles.  Like a dog circling his or her bed, the nervous system can take a few cycles to wind down.  It’s not enough to show or tell someone that there is no physical threat in physical proximity: many threats are psychological in nature and usually relate to experiences of the past or to the anticipation of a possible undesirable future.  Essentially, the nervous system needs to be coaxed into a present-moment relationship for optimal energy flow during a session.  

Part of the skillset of a Hurqalya™ Healer is in recognizing the nervous system’s arousal and relaxation cycles and honoring these rhythms, even harnessing their organizational tendencies throughout the session, for a deeper healing result.  Entire modalities of powerful healing techniques are dedicated to nervous system regulation.  The insights of “Polyvagal Theory” are reshaping the techniques and philosophies of many psychotherapeutic and holistic approaches.


Level 1:

“Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Restoration”

Your heart is unquestionably the superior transmitter of magnetism (and therefore information) in your being.  No other organ, including your brain, creates such a strong field around it.  Many spiritually inclined folks commonly call this heart-generated field the aura or the energy body.  Not only is this field of your heart magnetic, it also pulses which means it creates a dynamic atmosphere of informational content necessary to stimulate the natural regeneration processes of the varied types of tissues in your body.  Chronic pain, tension, or organ disfunction, from this perspective, emerges as a result of an underlying energetic disfunction.  Concentrating Pulsed Electromagnetic content (and other content) to an affected area of your body, a Hurqalya™ healer helps the tissues to remember how to heal themselves.

Many Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapies and devices have received FDA recognition to be effective in stimulating different types of tissues in our bodies in this way.  The best PEMF technologies emulate the effect of an energized heart, “sweeping” the frequencies and oscillating within an appropriate frequency band that corresponds to the frequency supporting that tissue.  A Hurqalya™ Healer has practice not only in dissipating excess energy in certain tissues or giving energy where it’s needed, but also in putting his or her heart into a frequency state appropriate to “jump starting” the healing intelligence of the tissue in question.  


Level 2:  

“Emotional Connection and Flow”  (Chakras)

Within the worlds of somatic psychology and spirituality today, the chakras – vortexes of subtle energy – reign as the most prominent frontiers of discovery for understanding what makes each person “tick.”  Like a gradient resembling a rainbow, the different frequencies of energy permeating and surrounding the spinal column, the organs, and nervous system contribute not only to tissue and glandular health, but also to the bioenergetic communication between mind and body. The information contained within the chakras is a mixture of our biological inheritance and our energetic and psychological inheritances (plus what we’ve been through in our lives).  When a chakra becomes blocked, occluded, or overly energized imbalances in how we approach life emerge.  We long for the feeling of safety – for example – but can’t seem to find the feeling even if our outer circumstances are safe.  We hunger for pleasure through addictive behaviors, but nothing satiates our feeling.  We long to move forward with our goals and assert ourselves, but something holds us back.   

Healing a chakra or recalibrating flow and connection between it and another chakra could hold a key in untying the psychological knot that holds us back.  Physical symptoms and emotional symptoms have a way of emerging together.  Will healing a physical symptom bring about emotional freedom or will our emotional freedom result in the physical issue going away?



Level 3: 

 “Spiritual Radiance Healing” 

Your spirit, your heart, your mind, and your physical exist within different “planes” of reality.  Physical reality – under this presumption – is the final sheath for the soul.   There is a field of consciousness out of which all the visible world emerges – you included – Information within this field as it becomes more and more densely defined can become 

Clients report improvements in general wellbeing as well as specific ailments:

headaches and migraines
gut pain
impact trauma
suppressed grief
weight management

car accident/neck injury
digestive ailments
heart arrhythmia
prostate cancer
auto-immunity weakness

menstrual irregularities
arthritis and joint pain
breathing difficulties
circulatory support

The Unique Benefit of a Distance Energy Healing Session: