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For as vast as Outer Space is conceived of today – even by our best scientists – there is at least that much space to be found inside of you – inside your heart. You know this – you are a healer and it’s not likely new news.
Inner Space is little known of and even less cared for by us modern human beings. We are no longer in a time where attending to our internal world is a luxury afforded to some. Reclaiming the alienated, suppressed parts your Self has now become a social and planetary imperative. To rejuvenate the connection between your soul, your mind, your heart, and your physical body to a state of consciousness that conceives and perceives YOU and others as temples of the spirit is your sacred mission in this life. To do this (to the best of our abilities with a joyful vigilance) is the calling of all true healers. To do this efficiently, you will need sound practices.


Inside of your heart (and everyone’s, too) are unique treasures of great price – imprints of Spiritual Energy stored away, awaiting full expression – awaiting your remembrance of them! Knowing they are there is just the beginning. Calling them out to participate is the fun part. Calling them out involves Invoking something. Thus, Invocation.

These imprints we call

“Qualities of the Divine”

Faculties of steadiness, of confidence, of conviction, and of power are mixed in your heart miraculously with abilities for compassion, creativity, love, and tenderness.
All these modes of expression have different vibrations – energy flows through us in accordance with our heart’s “bandwidth.” All the qualities are encoded into each of us in unique proportion. This is what is pointed to when someone “likes our vibe.” An alignment felt deeply and directly is caused by the harmonizing of our heart “vibe” with their “vibe.” These qualities in all of us have frequency and rhythm and “shape” in a sense. They pulsate in, through, and throughout our bodies and are ours to cultivate consciously, though we do have personality leanings. Ancestral, Cultural, Biological, and Spiritual Inheritances influence our hearts vibe which means we are more drawn to some energies than others.

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The secret to reclaiming conscious volition and a tempered authority over the chakras of our

“Body Temples”

lies in carefully and intelligently practicing Invocation.
After learning to breathe well and learning to energize the heart consciously, there can be no more greater route of developing spiritually than by the practice of certain sacred words. To the hindus, this science is called Mantra. To the Sufis, Wazifa. Mystics of all traditions use the repetition of prayers, phrases, or words of greatly realized beings to Invoke the qualities pointed to in the word. This is done in stages, and in time, an absorption of the repeated words’ deeper meaning becomes real and tangible to the devoted practitioner. One feels an increase in one’s sense of self. Nothing is being replaced or let go of, but an expansion of awareness occurs.
The pains we’ve experienced, overcome, or been overwhelmed by also inform the current state of our heart’s healing capacity and we use


to resource energies that are ultimately found within to meet the wound with the energy appropriate to the wound. The principle at work is that “The Heart Heals Its Own Wounds.”
The process of learning sacred sounds can lead to the most profound of emotional resolutions for the deepest of traumas, if done with persistence and devotional sincerity over time. They might unlock energy all at once in a crescendo of relief or they will land us softly in a new psychological state gradually. They can also be done on behalf of others through the connections of energetic breath and sympathy. This is one of the key skills in an energy healer.

Self-generated vibrational practices strike, resonate, expand, open, and purify the clouded chambers inside of one’s energetic heart.

The science of


has surely persisted through the ages to reach the hands of some persistent folks. If the phenomena of Invocation and “special words” and “special phrases” – prayers, affirmations, or paradoxical koans – had no benefit and did not (with time) offer the sincere seeker a state of bliss, ecstasy, peace, or whatever other emotionally fulfilling state, then the phenomena – no matter how fantastical seeming to our current materialistic worldview – would not have reached us today. The “rivers” of energy and consciousness that come through these sacred attunements would have dried long ago.
Humanity has lost its connection to this science, but no matter how dense, obtuse, disconnected, or “lost” this knowledge appears to our sensibilities we cannot fully lose this knowledge – for the core essence of the Soul’s connection to the heavens, to Psyche, to the Spiritual Self embodied in flesh, blood, and bones is in breath, motion, and vibration…

If a leap in your realization is what you seek, then sound practice will cultivate at least three things in you:

Mental and Somatic Synchronization (Concentration)
Creative Inspiration
More Refined Awareness of Energy Sensation

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The intersection between the anima-mundi (spirit of the world) and the psychosomatic health of each individual has never been so obvious. We all all stressedAF and need practical tools that reach into the realms of the Spirit.

A Polite Request, and a Word of Caution:

There is a caution to this work – one that feels only appropriate to put out on the front page, as it is a matter of Authenticity and Safety. Not all sound practices are for the faint of heart, and not all practices are meant for beginner students. Breath development, mental concentration, and the markers of a softened (but fully honored) Ego would be indicated before one is ready to take on the practices meant for more seasoned students. This is the reason I highly recommend my “Breathe Now” Introduction and Other courses which will help with breath development.

Otherwise, I offer here instructions on 5 sacred sounds which I assure you are safe for all times and all contexts and hopefully would provide you and experience – a “proof of concept” if you choose to try them out. They are gentle and only lightly technical. My hope is that these Invocation practices prove helpful to your life and inspire you to consider signing up for a course or meditation mentoring.