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Breath Technique & Posture

Build health and mindset benefiting habits to breathe well, regulate your nervous system and radiate more from your heart.

Dive deeply into Heart Rhythm Meditation – a set of tools and principles guaranteed to lower blood pressure, increase nervous system resiliency, and bring more health and harmony to you and your loved ones. Build strength in your heart and use that power.

Sit up straight with your shoulders back! Assimilate your awareness into your environment. Tune to your senses. Assess your breath state. Time your breathing to your heartbeat…. Learn to radiate energy from your heart by concentrating on and breathing from your heart center.

This course is the pivot off of which all of your Heart Rhythm Meditation and Hurqalya™ Heart: Source Healing is cultivated. Essentially, the course contents will offer you the techniques that you will visit any time you sit to meditate. This will provide you the fundamental grounding, terminology, and guidance in exploring energy in and around your body - the source of which is primarily your heart!