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Sacred Subtle Energies

Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, and Ether: The Elements of Creation. Sacred energies are visible and perceivable in all kinds of objects and phenomena in the world. Additionally, they permeate the inner world. Their presence in our lives reaches deep into our psyches and plays out in our relationships. Behind all emotional phenomena – elation, depression, calm, insight – all of it – is the constant interplay between the sacred energies. The very tissues and fluids in our bodies are woven by these “Beings.” Learn how to cultivate them more in your life and perhaps in your healing practice by breathing them. Peace, Happiness, Truth, Sacredness, and Pleasure – these are the cardinal emotions one experiences when meditating with the elements.

Modulate the great world of energy and consciousness by deliberately working with subtle energies inside of you.

Brief: Practice breathing techniques that will increase the bandwidth for and refine your sensitivity to the Elements of the “Universal Heart” - Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.