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Quantum Heart Development in 4 Dimensions

Energetic breath – known to many as prana or qi or universal life force energy – can be directed with concentration, intention, will-power, and . This course is designed to help you assess your current access. Energies that come from the left or from above or from below or from behind are available for healing and use. Likewise, you’ll get a felt-sense of how much capacity you have to give, to empathize, to send, to heal, and to solve problems and learn to energize these abilities through directional breathing. Breath moves along the vertical dimension, the horizontal dimension, the forward dimension, and fills the Inner Dimension. To be functional as a healer, you want to create within your energy body the ability to perceive and control the direction of energy moving within your spiritual atmosphere.

Learn to influence energy in 4 dimensions: Up and Down, Left to Right, Back to Front, and Within. There is a special magic of this kind of work.

Brief: Idealism and compassion... Receptivity and Expression... Spiritual Guidance and A Sense of Mission / Drive... Knowledge, Information, Memory, and Imagination... These are some of the cardinal ideals one cultivates of “Directional Energy” in your heart.